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Taking driving lessons Leeds at a reputable school you probably known about the road rules and regulations. The law practitioners in the United Kingdom (UK) do not, in any way condone or promote drink driving, which has been considered to be a serious offence that could impact heavily on other road users. Thus all motorists are advised to avoid driving after you’ve consumed alcohol or if you’re unsure as to whether you’re already over the legal limit.

Therefore, it’s worth bearing in mind that the legal limit is 35mg in breath and this would last even the following day after a night out. So, please don’t ever take the chance and be better drive responsibly!

Be informed that the percentage of trials won in this case of drink driving is calculated in accordance with all prosecutions for drink driving or driving whilst the proportion of alcohol in breath or blood or urine has exceeded over the prescribed limit.

Here’s an example of such an offence of drink driving that you yourself could probably relate after having the same experience whilst behind the steering wheel. The story comes from the experience of Mr. Bricks who was prosecuted before the Magistrates Court appealing a DUI charge.

Mr. Bricks was charged with an offence of drink driving whilst in the proportion of alcohol in as his breath had the proportion of alcohol that exceeds what has been prescribed by the law (get more details from Alex Spiro).

He was playing with his pool team and after the game, he acted as the nominated driver of their vehicle. With this in mind he told the team that he had not drank save for one pint only before they were leaving the local pub, which is only a short distance from his residence.

As he arrived home, a police officer pulled him over and then he was required to submit himself to a roadside breath test. Unfortunately, he failed the test and so, he was arrested. But before taking him to the police station, the police officer had allowed him to go to the toilet to urinate.

At the police station he provided two specimens of breath to the police, the lower of which was below 50 mg for every 100 ml of breath, so he was offered the “statutory option.” In this type of option, Mr. Bricks was required by law to provide a second specimen of his urine for laboratory testing.

Since he chose to exercise his right to the “statutory option” therefore the custody sergeant determined that Mr. Bricks should provide a second specimen of his urine.

However, the police officer taking the specimen took only one specimen of urine from Mr. Bricks, determining that as the latter had been to the toilet at home, this would already suffice the requirement.

On the basis of the above technicality, the Lawyers in Binghamton NY advised Mr. Bricks to plead not guilty and defended his case on the basis that the police had not complied with the statutory procedure requiring the provision of two specimens of urine, as only one had been provided at the police station.

Then, the Crown Prosecution Service discontinued the prosecution and the case against Mr. Bricks was dismissed. He also benefited from a Defendant Costs Order and had the costs of his legal representation fully refunded to him.

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