Manouvers: Bay Parking

There are two preferred ways to park a car in a bay. The first method uses the 3 line rule, where the 3rd line is the line of the bay you want to reverse into and line 1 is 2 lines ahead of this.

Bay Parking

Choose a bay you wish to park in and drive forwards of this bay by at least 3 lines (2 bays). Stop the car and apply the handbrake. Prepare the car, by selecting reverse gear and finding biting point. Then do good all round observations starting by looking over your right shoulder and finishing looking through the rear window, in particular looking into the area you are about to reverse into. Do not signal and if it is safe to proceed remove the handbrake.

Then gently raise and lower the clutch pedal around the biting point (moving the pedal no more than the thickness of a pound coin at a time) to move the car and reverse back in a straight line until line 1 is lined up with a reference point on the car (as each car is different your instructor will have shown you where the reference point is in your car). Check over your right shoulder to make sure it is safe to proceed and then quickly steer to full left lock. With effective observations all around the car reverse slowly back until the car enters the bay of the 3rd line and when the car is in the bay and straight take the steering wheel back to straight. Reverse to the back of the bay and stop the car, apply the handbrake.

The second method is the free form method, whereby on approach to your chosen bay driving forwards you steer the car to the right so that the car is as straight as possible with the bay before your reverse into it. Then using the clutch as above and doing effective observations as above simply reverse straight back into your chosen bay. Stop the car at the back of the bay and apply the handbrake.

Bay Parking