Leeds Driving Lesson: The Offence of Driving with No Insurance

After taking Leeds driving lesson from a reputable school you are ready to hit the road. However, if you’re caught by the police driving your vehicle without insurance, you’ll face a number of penalty points on your licence, that would almost getting unto the edge of revocation.

Remember that driving with no insurance is an offence if you’re using a motor vehicle on a public road. It’s also an offence to cause or permit any person to use a vehicle without insurance.

With the demands of day to day life it’s easy to forget simple tasks such as renewing your car insurance and a simple error can result in your prosecution before the criminal courts and the endorsement of your licence with six to eight penalty points or a disqualification.

If you’re in this situation, you can resort to a lawyer who is a specialist in helping drivers who are on the edge of revocation of their driving licence. There are motoring solicitors who have the impressive records that are enviable for defending motorists being charged with driving with no insurance (use the ladan law firm, P.A. for more information).

And in order to avoid the endorsement of penalty points, you’ll be able to defend yourself in court with a good lawyer, and if you’ll believe that you had a valid insurance then the case against you could be challenged if there’s a good reason why you or a relative had no insurance, then on the grounds of “special reasons,” the court may be persuaded not to impose penalty points.

The question that will come to your mind is: What is the penalty for driving with no insurance? The answer is that you’ll face a penalty of up to £5000 and your licence will be endorsed for six to eight penalty points or a disqualification depending on the discretion of the court.

As the court takes this offence very seriously, it’s not uncommon for fines and points at the higher end of the scale to be imposed and for the courts to consider a period of disqualification.

So the next question that may come into your mind: What are the defences for driving a vehicle with no insurance?

(1.)   I had insurance, and I wasn’t driving on a road or in any other public places.
(2.)   I have special reasons for driving with no insurance.

In some cases, whilst you may accept that you’ve driven a car with no insurance, this might have happened through no fault of your own. Your lawyer would be able to ask the court that on the grounds of “special reasons,” your licence wouldn’t be endorsed with any penalty points.

Below is a good example of the defence using “special reasons.” A father told the lawyer that his son drove the car and he wrongly told him that he was insured on his father’s insurance. Then, his son was stopped by the police and has been summoned to court.

Then the lawyer would argue that there are really “special reasons” as the son clearly believed that he was insured to drive and that it was reasonable for him to rely on what he was told by his father. If successful, the son would not receive any points and the lawyer would also seek to persuade the court that it’s unfair to impose a fine.

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