It is a legal requirement that all drivers must possess valid insurance for
the vehicle they are driving that at least covers third party. Please ensure
that you have adequate cover before driving.

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There are 3 main types of motor insurance: third party, third party with
fire and theft, fully comprehensive. Third party insurance covers any
damage done to anything else (i.e. not you or your car) in the event of
an accident. Third party with fire and theft also covers your vehicle in
case it catches fire or is stolen. Fully comprehensive includes all of the
above plus cover for you and your vehicle in the event of an accident.

Whilst insurance may seem expensive, especially for young or new drivers there are a number of things you might consider to reduce the cost of your insurance.

  • Drive a smaller car.
  • Use off-street parking if possible and tell your insurers that you do so.
  • Fit a vehicle alarm or immobiliser.
  • Increase your insurance excess; this is the amount of money that you pay when making an insurance claim.
  • Declare your mileage, if you don’t drive often this can reduce costs.
  • Keep an eye on your no claims bonus and consider (there are often drawbacks) a “Bonus Accelerator” if offered by your insurer.