How hard is it learning to drive?

Everyone learns at different rates, some take to driving straight away, others prefer to take it slowly to make sure they have everything correct before the go for their test. At the end of the day, it all depends on how much effort your willing to put in to learning to drive.

How long does it normally take to pass your driving test?

If taught correctly, learning to drive is not hard, Most Students fear learning to drive because they are not used to the pace of driving in comparison to walking. You start with the basics and we help to build your skills that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Is it expensive?

Larger companies will expect anything from 45 hours plus learning before they will even think about allowing you to take your test. We offer the most effective teaching methods and at a lower price than our competitors. Our reputation is built on how efficient we are at teaching, not to mention our prestigiously high pass rate!

What car will I be learning in?

The car you would be learning to drive Depends on which instructor you will be assigned but all are very modern cars, it will either be a Peugeot 208, Vauhall Corsa of Toyota Yaris. Learning to drive in a clean, comfortable & relaxed environment will make your learning experience so much more enjoyable. Once your behind the wheel of this little pug you wont ever want to get out of it!

What do I need to learn to drive?

To learn to drive with us you need to be at least 17 years of age, have a provisional licence and be able to read a registration plate from a car that is 20 meters away from you. If you have the above three sorted then you are ready to jump behind the wheel of our car and learn with us!

How long will each lesson last?

The length of each lesson depends on the individual needs, The basic lesson is for 1 hour, although 1.5 hour and 2 hour lessons are available. I do not exceed 2 hours for training as the amount of retainable knowledge is dramatically reduced when you go past this level.