Driving Lessons Leeds: Driving Penalties

Well done if you’ve just passed your driving test after taking driving lessons Leeds. But if you failed, resist the temptation to go mad to avoid becoming an offender at wheel. Remember that if you tot up six penalty points within two years of passing your practical driving test, you’ll have to take again the test.

After few weeks of taking driving lessons Leeds some newly-qualified drivers have faced revocation of their driving licences due to their irresponsible behaviour whilst behind the steering wheel. So, there’s more about driving penalty points that you should know to correct your bad behaviour at wheel.

Since June 1997, learner drivers who passed their first driving test have been “on probation” for two years. A total of at least six penalty points during the period will mean they need to go back to learner status, apply again for a new provisional driving licence and take the driving test again.

You may ask, “Why is there a probation period?” The newly-qualified drivers are more at risk in the first year or so of their driving after passing their tests, compared to any other time in their driving career. One in every five of them will have an accident in their first year of driving.

This new law aims at reducing the number of road injuries and deaths by penalising new drivers who increase the level of risk by committing some offences such as speeding beyond the limit.

Who are to be affected by this law? Anyone who passed his first driving test, regardless of what type of vehicle it covers within the first two years after the date he or she passed. Drivers who have already the full driving licence on one category, and passed a test in another will have no extension of their probationary period because the law covers only the first-time drivers.

How to calculate the six penalty points? These penalty points will count when at least an offence was committed within the first two years after anyone passed the driving test, even if the sentence from the court isn’t given until this period expires.

In time that the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) is notified of a new driver’s  six penalty points, it will write to him/her saying that his/her licence has been revoked. Then the new driver will go back to learner status. He/she has to re-apply for a new provisional driving licence, display L-plates on his/her car again and is banned from driving on the motorways.

Since he/she becomes a learner again, he/she needs to be accompanied by a driver at least 21 years old who is a holder of a full driving licence, and this will run at least three years. If you ignore such a revocation and still continue driving without licence, you’ll be committing an offence with £1,000 maximum penalty. Speak to the preeminent lawyers at New Orleans car accident law firm to get full legal support in road accidents.

On the other hand, there are more penalty points you should know. Driving licences aren’t revoked a second time around when more penalty points are obtained if you’ll pass the retest. But, the points already on the licence will stay on. To pass the retest doesn’t remove the penalty points, and if the overall total reaches 12 points, you’ll be disqualified from driving by a court.

Under the “Totting Up” provisions in Section 35 of the Road Traffic Offenders Act of 1988, a driver who tots up 12 points within a period of three years will face a minimum of six-month disqualification.

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