Driving Instructor in Leeds Tips: Drink Driving Offences

As an offending motorist due to drink driving who thinks you’ll be sentenced unjustly by the court in the absence of an expert defender from a group of law practitioners, you better resort to the specialists like your former driving instructor in Leeds who are already known in the successful representation of drivers being charged with various driving offences, including drink driving.

As specialists in their field the lawyers are able to use their expertise in securing their clients the best possible outcome in their case, be it their acquittal or their being found not guilty, the avoidance of disqualification through “Special Reasons” and the reduction of the length of disqualification from driving a vehicle.

You can look for a lawyer who has a good record in defending drivers who have been accused of a drink driving offence. However, in truth it has been a wrong accusation.

You can also find a list of the types of defences which may be argued in drink driving cases as well as getting information on “special reasons” which the court may later find not to impose disqualification but rather mitigation which may be used to minimise any penalty, including the length of disqualification from driving.

Finally, you’ll find some information on “Back Calculations,” issues as well as alcohol elimination rates, evidential breath testing devices information and even an online link for you to be able to calculate your reading of alcohol content in your breath that will reflect to the amount of alcohol that you have consumed.

Also be informed that there are solicitors who provide national coverage for all major cities across England and Wales. So, they could give you the specialist representation in your case in court, no matter where you’re located in England or Wales.

According to recent reviews made by Sydney criminal solicitors, it’s clear that, there are specialists drink driving solicitors who cover London, Birmingham, Leeds, Cardiff, Carlisle, Manchester, Sheffield, Norwich, Nottingham, Newcastle, and any other places in England and Wales.

There are lawyers who offer that all calls or enquiries to them are free and without obligation.

When you call these lawyers, they will ask you to provide them the details about your drink driving offences and will then speak to you to identify any further issues which may be of relevance, including the importance of your licence to you.

Once the lawyer has done this, he will provisionally advise you about the issues and will propose a strategy as to how to approach your case in order to achieve the best possible outcome.

Some lawyers believe in fee transparency and so they will discuss their fees with you during your initial telephone call or in response to your enquiry.

Most commonly, their fees are provided on a fixed fee basis, meaning that they agree a fee for all the work required in your case or for your hearing, including its preparation and your representation at the court. You can then move forward with the confidence that there will be no hidden or unexpected charges at the conclusion of your case.

It’s also good to know that if your lawyer is successful in defending your case, you’ll be entitled to a Defendant Costs Order, which will entitle you to recover the costs of your legal representation.

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