Buying A New Car

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When buying a new car there are a number of factors which merit careful consideration. The sheer volume of choice available to the UK
buyer means it’s worth making sure that you go for the car that suits you best and still fits your budget.

As to the definitive choice, you may base this decision on absolute practicality. Try asking yourself a couple of simple questions like:

  • What kind of journeys do you typically need to make by car?
  • Smaller vehicles will be great for parking in town, but are likely to be less comfortable on long motorway hauls.
  • How many people do you need to transport regularly? A quick family headcount may suffice – why run a larger, thirstier car than you really need?
  • Who is to drive the car? Insuring a young driver on a high performance car may be very expensive – get an insurance quote before you write that cheque.
  • Which ‘Designer label’ do you want to be seen in and makes you look and feel like a million dollars?

The quickest way to carry out initial research is on the internet.

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Firstly, think of the body type or types that meet your needs, e.g.: saloon, estate, etc. If you drive a very high annual mileage, you may
favour a diesel engine which tends to be more economical and if you do a lot of city driving then an automatic may be a sensible option.

Price is of course a major factor, but don’t forget to haggle since a discount can sometimes bring the unaffordable within your reach. Consider resale values which are very important unless you intend to keep your car for a long time. Choosing unpopular makes and unusual colours will not help when the time comes to sell your pride and joy.

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If you still think you cannot quite afford the model you really want, consider one of the many finance arrangements available. Some dealers can offer 0% finance though this will very likely negate any discount you might otherwise negotiate. Personal Contract Purchase (PCP) can also be an excellent method of financing a new car with manageable fixed monthly payments. Why not get a loan quote to explore your options.

Do your research well and arm yourself with detailed information on a shortlist of cars then you can use this as a bargaining tool with the sales staff when you actually brave the dealerships. You will often find that they don’t know the competition’s cars nearly as well as you do, so bargain hard and walk away if the deal doesn’t sound quite right.

If you have a vehicle to trade in, this may hamper you in getting the best deal possible so why not try and sell it in advance.

If you still find the idea of visiting a dealer a daunting prospect, give it a miss altogether by visiting one of the online providers which will allow you to carry out the whole transaction without leaving the comfort of your home.