Many Unaware Of The Abolition Of The Tax Disc

Paper tax discs are due to be abolished from 1st October and be replaced by electronic records, however, many drivers are at risk of fines because they have had insufficient warning of this by the government.

Fewer than half of drivers are aware of the changes, which prevent the discs being passed to new owners when cars are sold. Under the new rules, car sellers must tell the DVLA immediately of the change of ownership, and the new owner must register to pay tax before driving the car away.

Drivers do not need to do anything until their disc is due for renewal. At that point, you will receive a renewal notice to pay online, by phone or in the Post Office. The new system also allows drivers to set up a direct debit.

Under the new system, the police only require number plates to identify those breaching the rules. The online database would include every car’s tax status next to the registration number. Drivers will be watched by cameras on the roads and inspectors armed with access to the database.

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‘Old school’ games rule when it comes to keeping kids entertained in the car It’s I Spy over iPad


YOU MIGHT think that children are happy to be glued to their smartphones, taking selfies, playing Angry Birds or chatting to their friends, but when it come to boring car journeys, parents say that something a bit more stone-age will keep them from asking ‘Are you nearly there yet?’
Even in the digital era of iPads, iPods and iPhones, mums and dads say that nothing can beat ‘old school’ family games to the kids entertained. A survey of parents found that ‘I Spy’, the ‘Banana Game’ and the ‘Animal Name Game’ were rated more likely to keep children occupied for long journeys abroad than modern electronic alternatives.

The survey of almost 900 parents with school-aged children, carried out by the RAC, found that more than two thirds thought interactive family games were the best way to pass time when driving in Europe.

“For those of us who grew up with nothing more than a Beano annual and a Walkman for company on long family drives, the advent of mobile technology for children may seem like a luxury,” said Pete Williams from the RAC. “But looking back on those trips there is a real sense of family nostalgia and great memories, so it’s refreshing to see that many families are still ‘old school’ and choose not to depend too heavily on technology.”

How to play the Banana Game
Keep an eye out of a yellow car
Once you’ve spotted one, shout “banana!”
Give yourself a point if you were the first person to say it. Lose a point if there wasn’t a yellow car
The person with the most points becomes the ‘top banana’

There are even certain popular games like fluffy favourites that can be played and enjoyed by the whole family. The entire family playing a game together is a great and wonderful experience that inturn helps bring closer.

Driverless Cars To Be On The Roads By January

The UK government announced yesterday that driverless cars will be allowed on public roads from January next year.

It also invited cities to compete to host one of three trials of the tech, which would start at the same time.

In addition, ministers ordered a review of the UK’s road regulations to provide appropriate guidelines. UK engineers have been experimenting with driverless cars but concerns about legal and insurance issues have so far restricted the machines to private roads.

The term driverless cars tends to refer to vehicles that take charge of steering ,accelerating, indicating and braking during most if not all of a journey between two points, much in the same way aeroplanes can be set to autopilot. Unlike the skies, however, the roads are much more crowded, and a range of technologies are being developed to tackle the problem.

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Safe Driving Tips

With more drivers on UK roads now than ever in history, it is much more important for modern motorists to practice their safe driving. Whilst all legal drivers have learned the sufficient skills to pass their driving test, a large proportion are quite open to the fact that they lapse into bad driving habits once they have their pink license – but something needs to be done about this.

Whilst it should go without saying, driving after drinking is still a common issue. Even the slightest amount of alcohol can affect your reaction time and make you a danger to other road users. Likewise, always ensure to drive according to the weather around you – take note of the conditions outside, and adjust your driving to suit the weather.

Driving when tired can have just as serious consequences as driving when drunk. Take regular breaks on long journeys, and try to avoid driving altogether when fatigued. Avoiding distractions such as mobile phones, music or other passengers when behind the wheel will significantly reduce the risk of an accident and make you a safer driver. If the accident did happen, consult best car accident lawyer in Houston.

Finally, always make sure you wear your seat belt – they are there to save your life in the event of a collision. Even if you are only driving for a couple of minutes to the shop, being on the road puts you at danger of being in a crash, and having your seatbelt on for those couple of minutes could make the difference.

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Driving Licence Fees To Fall

Driving licence fees are set to fall by up to 32% under plans announced today by Chief Secretary to the Treasury, Danny Alexander, and Transport Minister Claire Petty.

The proposals to reduce the fees have been set out in a public consultation on driver licensing fees. The consultation sets out a proposed reduction in driving licence fees of 32% for digital transactions and 15% for paper applications.

As part of the proposals, drivers who apply online for their first driving licence would see the fee drop from £50 to £34. Drivers who renew their licence after 10 years would see the fee drop from £20 to £14. All driver tachograph cards would fall from £38 to £32.

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Hot Weather Driving

Whilst the last few weeks most of Britain has been experiencing a welcome heatwave, giving us a hot summer to remember, many motorists may not be aware of the negative implications this could have on your vehicle.

Driving in heat can have certain repercussions on your car, ranging from mild annoyances and uncomfortable driving experiences, all the way to full-blown catastrophes if the problems are not prevented or treated fast enough.

For example, whilst many drivers are aware of the problems cold weather can have on your battery life, it is a relatively little-known fact that opposite conditions can have the same detrimental effect. If your car is not stored in a cool location such as a garage, then prolonged exposure to the hot elements can significantly decrease the batteries life span. Always check this and ensure that the battery is fully charged before any journey, especially any long trip.

Also always make sure that your Air conditioning unit is functioning properly. Whilst it can be nice to have the windows down instead when driving along, if your car is stationary for a prolonged time (such as in a traffic jam) during the heatwave, then opening the windows will simply be allowing more unwanted hot air into the vehicle. Check that your Air-Con is working before setting off for a drive.

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