Driving Lesson Leeds: Appealing for Licence Reinstatement

Although you may have the right to appeal to the court’s decision that revoked your driving licence, as indicated in the notice being attached at the medical revocation grounds, you must be aware that taking legal proceedings in court could be unnecessary and costly.

If you could have any medical evidences or information other than you’ve already presented, provide these to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA). But make sure that it should be relevant to your real medical condition or your fitness to drive after taking driving lesson Leeds.

In the light of the above information, there’s a two-step process in appealing your case against the decision of the DVLA such as an appeal to the Magistrates Court or a written representations to reinstate your driving licence. When you have a ticket, the procedure may be simplified.

With regards to your written representations, that is if your licence had been revoked by the DVLA on medical grounds, it’s crucial that you’ll get an advice from a lawyer who is a specialist in defending drivers in this situation. A specialist or an expert solicitor means that he has an almost perfect record of winning cases in court.

Do get this kind of a lawyer immediately on your right to appeal against the decision of the DVLA. This lawyer will be assessing your case for any possible grounds of appeal, and if there are solid grounds for you to appeal, then he will make some written representations to the DVLA so that your licence will be reinstated and you can drive your vehicle again.

It is necessary that you’ll do this as soon as possible after you receive any notice as there’s only a six-month time limit to appeal to the Magistrates’ Court decision.

Your written representations provided to the DVLA along with some supporting documents will enable the DVLA medical panel to determine the lawyer’s representations. In time the DVLA adheres to the solicitor’s requests then you’ll be in a position to re-apply for your driving licence.

When your re-application will be processed, then you can get back behind the steering wheel. If the DVLA doesn’t adhere to the lawyer’s request or suggestion, then you can directly appeal to the Magistrates’ Court.

If in case the DVLA would maintain its stance and it’s unwilling in the re-instatement of your driving licence, then you could appeal to a local Magistrates’ Court. Your appeal should be made to the Magistrates’ Court within the period of six months.

Then, the Magistrates Court would list an appeal against a medical revocation and it would be for the lawyer to present “On the Balance of Probabilities” that the licence holder is fit to drive and in good health. It would be necessary that the supporting documents are being obtained to ensure that the right outcome will be achieved.

Your supporting documents could range from letters from your employer, doctor, colleagues and even from your family.  If the Magistrates’ court would determine that the DVLA’s decision is incorrect then it could request the DVLA for the re-instatement of the Group one or Group two licence.

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