Are Intensive Driving Lessons a Good Thing For The Learner Drivers?

Teenagers often long to drive but the bad thing, most of them are far being patient behind the steering wheel. It’s the same impatient behaviour that prevails when a teenage learner driver wants to acquire a driving licence at the shortest time possible. So you’ll decide to learn fast by taking the intensive driving lessons Leeds.

The world is really spinning the way it’s doing these days, because many people have been choosing the traditional two or three lessons a week over the course which runs for several months. So, they’re now  in favour of a week-long intensive driving courses which are also called as “crash courses” in order to save time and money.

A learner driver in the United Kingdom (UK) would average 47 hours of driving lessons and 20 hours of private practice before taking their practical driving test. The average cost of one driving lesson is £22. So a learner driver can now expect to pay in excess of £1,000 before even booking their practical exam at £62 .

If you will compare this to a five-day driving course at a driving school costing just £600 including the test. So you can see the savings that can be made if you choose to take a quick-fix option.

There was a fast learner driver named John who took the five-day intensive driving course but still failed during the practical driving test because he did not consider some of the negative realities of his quick-fix choice. He wanted to get the test quickly done as much as possible.

He wasn’t aware that the driving school in Leeds didn’t lie to anybody for the term “intense.” It was really a very real intense. Imagine that he was driving six hours every day from Monday to Friday, and then had his practical driving test on the Saturday. In other words, his mind and body were shocked by the system.

So, what’s your verdict on crash courses? You may not have the answer if you’re already inclined into it, but it’s nothing more than a waste of time and resources for John.

Throughout John’s experience, there’s no wonder that when you look around to get instant no deposit car insurance quotes, premiums are too high for young drivers. The statistics could show that 40 % of male young drivers aged 17-year-old have an accident in their first six months behind the steering wheel. This is really no surprise if young drivers could take to the road alone after just five days of their intensive driving course.

So, the problem with intensive driving courses is not just the small amount of experience of learner driver on the road come the day of the test, but the overall stress of it. John was concentrating for solid six hours a day at wheel and trying not to make a single wrong move was too tough on the body and mind.

There’s some reason why teachers would often tell their students to start reviewing their lessons even months before a periodic exam.  It’s the best way to remember things. However in intensive driving course, a learner driver will just spend five days learning to drive, and definitely it isn’t long enough to consider anyone safe or qualified behind the steering wheel.

Therefore, intensive driving lessons Leeds is not only unfair on young drivers who are tempted to take it, but it’s potentially dangerous for other road users. Because attempting to start from being scratch and then 30 hours later you’ll become legally qualified is a big mess and recklessness.

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