Intensive Driving Lessons Leeds: Smooth Operator

High on the list of the mixtures of techniques for a good and safe driving is the need to use the car’s brakes in a fine, smooth and progressive way.  The drivers need to develop anticipation and observation, so that they could begin braking at a stage early enough to leave a decent margin for braking more heavily if the need arises unexpectedly.

There are drivers who tend to brake too hard and too late. While there are many of them have the habit of touching the brakes, enabling themselves to feel better, even if they have no intention to slow down the car to any measurable degree. This is called “comfort braking.”  They’re doing this believing themselves as careful drivers.

It’s better by far learning to read the road ahead. Not only to get early warning of developing hazards, but you can also respond to them by adjusting your speed using only your gas pedal.

An advanced driver will judge the distances and speed involved and, having left a decent gap, he would be able to follow safely by letting the speed “fall away” and so he/she will avoid the need to brake.

Also think about your road positioning. Make sure that you maximise your forward view. You can do it by positioning your vehicle slightly different on the carriageway. This should be a smooth change in your line and not an abrupt repositioning, enabling you to see forward that little bit better. Your careful adjustment of road position can improve your view ahead, especially through corners.

To apply these techniques will not only make you a smooth operator of your vehicle but it will also help you save fuel.

Another technique to make you a smooth operator can be applied not only on your road positioning and braking but also in accelerating your car particularly when you’re driving a manual transmission car.  It’s a task that will take you some training. Definitely, it can be accomplished pretty much by anyone who puts his/her mind to it.

It will really take some finesse and knowledge – to drive a manual transmission vehicle smoothly, particularly a truck or other large vehicle is more difficult because of a more rigid transmission, larger engine and heavy flywheel.

When you drive smoothly a manual transmission car you should depress the clutch fully. If you can feel any slight movement, slightly depress the brake pedal. Then, move the stick into neutral. Take note that the neutral is usually between first and second gear. The gear stick moves freely from right to left when you’re in neutral gear position.

Fully depressed the clutch pedal, then slot the stick into the first gear. Release the clutch slowly and at the same time depress the gas pedal slowly and smoothly until the car begins to engage and moves forward slightly. You will notice a point when the head of your car in front of your sight jolts a bit. At this point, release your hand brake.

Continue releasing the clutch slowly as you press on the gas pedal. Keep the Revolution Per Minute (RPM) slightly above idle. You should manage this with the gas pedal as you consistently release the clutch. Then, continue adding more throttle slowly and release the clutch fully for you to accelerate smoothly and normally ahead.

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