Leeds Driving Lesson Tips: Q & A to Come Out in the Driving Test

After taking Leeds driving Lesson you need to take the test. In the driving theory test, there are questions and answers which will usually come out. They might just differ in the sentence construction but it has similar meanings and contents. You should often be aware of these so that when you encounter them, you’ll easily pass your test.

The following are the possible questions and answers including its important explanation:

(1.)  How many drinks can you get away with if you’re driving on an empty stomach? (a.) It depends on how long your journey is. (b.) Two – before you feel it. (c.) None at all.

If you choose letter c, you’re right because none of the above choices (a. & b.) are correct. The correct answer is “none at all” because alcohol could slow down your reaction time by 10 to 30 %. It also reduces your ability to perform two or more tasks at the same time, and it also reduces night vision by 25 %  which means it’s really unsafe to drink and drive.

(2.)  When is it safe to coast or travel in neutral or with the clutch pedal pressed down? (a.) Down a hill in an area you know well. (b.) It’s never safe to coast. (c.) When you’re running low on petrol and need to save fuel.

If you choose letter b, you’re correct because it’s really never safe to coast. Because coasting will reduce the driver’s control over the vehicle. It will also eliminate the effectiveness of the brakes and drastically affect your steering responses.

(3.)  If someone is tailgating you aggressively, you should…(a.) Drive fast to get rid of him/her. (b.) Swear right at them with anger. (c.) You should maintain at your comfortable speed and keep left.

If your choice is letter c, then you’re right and have a good thinking. Because by showing up your being extra-polite to rude drivers such as keeping your car as far left as possible so that this rude motorist will have a clear view ahead to allow them to pass. But make sure that you leave a big enough gap in front of you so that he/she can easily get back in after passing.

Be aware that tailgaters will often put you in danger so you should get rid of them as quickly as possible. So make it easy for them to get away by immediately clearing their way.

(4.)  Loud music in a car can cause accidents because… (a.) It makes other drivers mad. (b.) It distracts you. (c.) It tempts you to play around with the CD.

If you choose letter b, you’re right or too right because loud music is dangerous because it’s distracting the driver’s concentration whilst behind the wheel. It would also mask the sounds of traffic and approaching emergency vehicles.

(5.)  A driver in the UK turning right at busy intersection must yield to what? (a.) Vehicles approaching from the opposite direction. (b.) Vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles which are approaching from opposite direction. (c.) Vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles approaching from the left.

If you choose letter b, you’re correct because any driver turning left must yield to the vehicles, pedestrians and bicycles from opposite direction.

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