Filling Your Car with Automotive Additives

There’s a lot of additives you can fill your car with that will make it perform better. But which ones are really worth using? So, here are some essential guides to help you find the best from the best driving instructors in Leeds.

There are bolt-on and go-faster goodies for our vehicles, but what about some upgrades you simply pour into the car to make it better? From improved cooling to clearer windscreens, there’s a lot of additives you can mix with vital fluids of your car. But which ones to work perfectly and are worth spending money on? They are as follows:

(1.)  Fuel Additives.

One of the most common additives you will come across is the type that claims to clean your vehicle’s engine as you drive along. This type of additive is being poured into the fuel tank and mixes with the diesel or petrol so it will get into the engine and touch all of the parts that are reached by the fuel.

When you use this sort of product, you have to make sure you’re buying the right kind for your vehicle, because they vary according to the fuel your car’s engine is using. Whilst some of this type of additives claim to boost the power of the engine, the best of them are those that will work by helping to remove sludge and carbon deposits that are building up in the engine during its normal use.

As the car is used, these deposits have been softened and washed away through the use of chemical cleansers. When using this kind of product, you may notice some smokes coming out from the exhaust pipe. However, that should quickly clear and the engine will feel slightly lively. It also reduces fuel consumption.

(2.)  Oil additives

Oil additives, which are the same as the treatments of fuel, are also being poured into the engine’s oil filler directly. They make the engine oil last longer or it degrades longer in regular use. But if you’re not certain of their quality, it’s more advisable to just use engine oil of high-quality and regularly replace every year the oil and oil filter.

(3.)  Screenwash Additives

This type of additives are a simple pour and use solution for your vehicle. These are for the windscreen washer treatment. This will work by the mixture of the washer fluid and spurting to the windscreen as you use the washers. It’s like a common shower spray, a windscreen treatment can work by turning the glass into a unique water repellent, so that dirt and rain do not adhere to the glass.

(4.)  Coolant Additives

Engine coolant aid is an additive that will mix with water and it is often called “water wetter.” This type of additives can work by blending with the water in the vehicle’s coolant system to increase chemically the water’s boiling point which means the coolant fluid will carry on doing its job even at higher temperature, such as when the vehicle is caught in a traffic jam or during summer season.

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