Formula One’s Rising Star Max Verstappen to Take Driving Lessons

Formula One, rising star Max Verstappen need to pass his driving test! But first he need to need to take a minimum six or seven hours driving under the laws in Belgium. The Dutch 17-year-old, fourth for Toro Rosso in Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix to take DVLA driving lessons during summer break.

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(CNN) While his Formula One peers are relaxing on yachts and holidaying in Ibiza, Max Verstappen is spending his summer break taking driving lessons.

Toro Rosso’s young gun has already proved his skills at the wheel of an F1 car — but the 17-year-old still can’t drive a road car at home in Belgium.

When asked whether he had a driving license to add to F1’s required Super License by media earlier this month he revealed: “I still don’t have it.

“I have my theory exam already so I just have to wait until I’m 18 and then I have to do the practical test.”

Verstappen told reporters at Sunday’s Hungarian Grand Prix that he planned to use F1’s four-week summer break for an intensive course of driving lessons.

“I’m doing my lessons in the summer break,” Verstappen explained. “With the F1 schedule it has been difficult to fit everything in so I’ve had to wait for the break.

“You need a minimum six or seven hours driving under the laws in Belgium, where I live — and I hope that’s all I need.”

Verstappen heads into the holidays full of confidence after racing to a brilliant career-best fourth place at an action-packed Hungarian Grand Prix.

But when it was suggested to him that passing his road car test would be a breeze, he joked: “I’m not sure. Maybe I’m a bit too fast on the road! We’ll see.”

Verstappen became the youngest driver in the history of F1 when he joined the grid at the start of the 2015 season with a tender 17 years and 166 days on the clock.

His speedy promotion to the top tier of global motorsport drew criticism but the son of former F1 racer Jos Verstappen — who partnered Michael Schumacher at Benetton in 1994 — and go-karting supermum Sophie Kumpen quickly dispelled any doubts with his level head and feisty overtaking skills.

Verstappen will turn 18 on September 30, three days after the Japanese Grand Prix, and plans to take his driving test as soon as possible.

But as for completing his school lessons, well, Verstappen has other ideas.

“This was basically my last school year but the opportunity you get in F1 only comes once, so I’m focused on F1 for the moment,” he explained.

“You can always finish school later … Hopefully I’ll never have to go back.”

Verstappen will continue his schooling on track with the rest of the F1 pack when the season resumes at the Belgian Grand Prix on August 23.